Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm On A Bit Of A Roll

I am downsizing my subscription list of magazines. With only one issue left on both Vogue and Knitters, I am not going to renew. Instead, I'm going to start buying them off of the rack, IF there is enough in them to warrant the purchase.
The Fall issue of Vogue had a bit more to my liking at second glance. Of course the cover mittens struck my fancy, mainly because of the designer AND of course the color of the yarn he used is half bad.
The biggest reason that I have been subscribing to Vogue is the article each issue by Meg.
I have really been impressed by ads in the knitting magazines in the past. The yarn companies have had some great ideas for making me want their yarn or their latest book of patterns, but I have to say the last two magazines that came to my mailbox, just did not cut it!

There are a couple of sweaters that I might think of making in the future from the current Vogue with alterations of course. Maybe, that is what the magazines are trying to do - make me a better knitter, by venturing out. Hmmmm.

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Nancy said...

Not even the 90 pound models look good in 95% of what they're publishing.