Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Is Just My Opinion

And it is my blog so like EZ, I can say this. When the new Fall magazines comes out, I expect to be wowed! I want it to be chalked full of designs that I want to knit NOW! Like cast on immediately.

So, forgive me when I am dissappointed and the best thing I can say about the new issue is an article about a designer that I did not know her name, but liked and am knitting some of her designs. And to find my further disappointment when there is no design of hers in the current magazine, at least none that I could find.

In all fairness, I suppose there a couple of designs that I kind of like, but would have to be altered to look okay on me. But, will I go through the hassle of doing that? Doubtful, I'll probably just refer back to those on my list that really are exciting me and do them.

And what is with all of these fingerless mittens? Continue it out and make a mitten for god's sake. Who wants their hand exposed to freezing temperatures. I just don't get it!

It makes me wish now that I hadn't just renewed my subscription. And that is my opinion for today!

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