Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lights Off! Lights On! Lights Off! Lights On! Again....

We were pleasently surprised last night, just as we pulled in the driveway with dinner that the lights came back on. Several of us at work were without power yesterday, and we brought our curling irons in and a hair dryer so we could at least look like semi-humans. The consenus today was that all had power back on at least by 9pm last night.

And we also had a couple of discussions about how hard it was to be without power for just a short time really, compared to say those who were in Katrina. Puts a little perspective on it doesn't it?

So, the first thing I did last night was get my Ipod charged up so at least for the next time I would be ready with something to listen to. Little did I know that it would be earlier tonight that I might need it.

I was sitting in my favorite chair with August Rush in the DVD player and my knitting in hand, and a little ice cream next to me, when the lights flashed, sputtered and then kaput, went out all together! Huh, not again! So, out I go with my knitting to knit for as long as the light held, and just as I was about to give up, crackle, zap the power is back! Yippee Skippee!

So here I am posting, before something else happens. Hopefully, tomorrow, we can return to normal knitting in the light of day!


Linda said...

Amazing how we take it for granted. The thing I knew, but didn't really appreciate until our ice storm last winter? Gas heat is no help if your blower motor has no electricity.

Nancy said...

Normal? Us? Not with the Ravelympics!