Sunday, December 06, 2009

Never Say Never

It used to be I would say we would never have an artificial tree. Then I said I would never have a table top tree, at least not as the only tree. Okay, so sometimes, I have to eat my words.

A couple of years ago the Tall Guy's parents moved from the big house to a small apartment and we acquired a lot of their furniture which we really could use. And then last May after Mom passed away I acquired a couple of her items as well. It's always been tight here when it comes to Christmas as to where the tree(s) would go. Last year some of the pieces had to be stowed in Baby Boy B's room, downstairs and in the garage to make way for the tree and tables that had to come out of the Yarn Room for our overnight guests.

When the boys were younger, I would have a tree in the living room with all of their ornaments on it. That was the live tree. In the dining room, I would have an artificial tree with all of my Snoopy ornaments and lights. When they grew up and wouldn't help me decorate the tree, I started just putting up the Snoopy tree.

Which brings me to this year. The Yarn Room has an extra chair in it already and there just isn't any room for anything else in it. Baby Boy B is living in my Mom's house til it sells and his room is now the room for overnight guests at Christmas time so I can't fill it up with spare furniture. Besides, when we get together with the whole family, we need all the available seating we can get, left where it is.

This years tree is a 4 foot table top tree. I pulled another collection out to put on it...the knitting/handmade ornaments collection. This is a tree years ago I used downstairs on my sewing table (when I was sewing alot) and when I was going through the phase of wanting a tree in every room.

I outgrew that, thank goodness, since I barely had the patience to put the lights on this 4 footer!

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Nancy said...

My sheep/knitting tree lives upstairs all yeaqr aqnd this is its first year with lights downstairs. The four footer keeps its lights on it all the time and lives in the fruit cellar. Only out 7 footer is taken apart each year. Maybe an idea for you? Or not.