Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh We're Not Done Yet

Christmas might have been yesterday, but like birthdays around here that we celebrate on and on, that's what we're doing with Christmas this year. We celebrated on Christmas Eve at the in-laws with some of the family.

On Christmas Day, we got together with Baby B for pizza here at the house. He set up my new wireless printer and then laid on the couch hamming it up while I used my new webbie cam on him.

This gift was a total surprise for me. The Tall Guy was thinkin I could use it on the blog....cannot wait to give it a whirl.

Late tonight, Baby Boy A and his wife will be in from Memphis for a couple of days. We'll get together with my nieces and their parents on Sunday here at the house for another meal....we are going to get 15 of us around the new table...just need to shop for some folding chairs later today so they will all have a seat.

In the meantime, I finished the topdown Bolero from Encore for my great niece. This sweater is just too darn cute!

Cannot wait to see it on her. The turtle neck that I bought to go with is just too off from the pink in the sweater so it is just going to be the sweater for her, but I am happy with the outcome.

If I had just another week or two, I would have made a matching one for my niece. Wouldn't that have been too cute!

Isn't that what we all say about Christmas knitting? If only! Time to start planning for next Christmas.

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