Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still Knitting

I took a short diversion from the Christmas knitting to do a couple of dishcloths. People love these, heck I love them.

I'm feelin good today. I'm off until the 4th of January....have a nail appointment mid day so I am working toward that. Have dusted and still have on my list before then the bathroom and a little of the kitchen.

Stayed up really late knitting on the bolero jacket for my great niece. It is so cute and I anticipate finishing it tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. Before or after the nail appointment, I have some errands to run. Need some buttons for it and am thinking Morton might have something there. While I am out, I have a couple of short errands to run, Kohls for something to go under the bolero for her and jeans for me. Grocery store for flour and kisses (thought I might make some cookies, okay, I don't bake, so maybe that is why it is going to rain major amounts).

Which brings me to the question? Why when I take a day for myself does it always seem to RAIN majorally? Same thing happened earlier this Fall? But, I won't melt. And it could be worse, it could be snow or ice!

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