Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today, the Tall Guy, Baby Boy B and my brother swapped my old table with my mom's table. There is a couple of stories about this table.

The first is that when I was a child it was in our basement and used for holiday parties. It was painted yellow. Dad stripped it years ago and it has been in a couple of mom's houses since then.

It has four leaves(two are in it now) so when fully opened it will sit a gazillion. Problem, none of us have a house that sit a gazillion. But, we always make do. Mom just left it as a round table in her kitchen since she stopped doing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at her house.

At Thanksgiving when Baby Boy A was home we had family down for dinner at our house. We were sitting people everywhere. So, now Christmas comes, and I am the recepient of the table. Plants and coffee table went back up with Baby Boy B until the new year. Some of our furniture (extra end tables) will go to the yarn room and we will throw a couple of leaves in the table and all 12-13 of us will be able to sit around the table together. Cozy it will be, and the first of a new memory.

Norma, remember when you gave me this tablecloth for my lia sophia endeavor? Well, look how nicely it can be converted to my new table. I was thinking about going out and buying a new one for it, but I think even with two extra leaves in it, I can use it. Thank you again!

When Mom was alive and doing Christmas and Thanksgiving Dinners with two leaves in the table, she would throw a fitted sheet over the table as a tablecloth.....what fond memories this table has for me. A friend at work told me just on Friday, it's the little things that will trigger it for you, she was right!

And from my niece and sister-in-law, who gave our family an ornament this year. Thank goodness they gave it to me in reads

Merry Christmas From Heaven
I love you all dearly,
Now don't shed a tear,
I'm spending my Christmas
With Jesus this year..

Okay, enough~back to regularly scheduled blogging.

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