Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Fodder

Just a little review of things I have been reading about on other people's blogs.

Over on BrooklynTweed, Jared is now selling his patterns as PDFs. Updated and clearer grafts we are hearing...I wish I would have known that last Fall, I might have waited....okay so maybe now...but now do I need to re purchase some of them for better instructions/graphs?

The Stitches Midwest brochures are in the mail. I have not received mine yet, but you can look at it online as a pdf if you want.

Fellow Knit Camper, Janine Bajus (FeralKnitter) is going to be opening a store front online. Can't wait for that to happen later this Spring...I am such a sucker for new places to buy from. And Janine is a friend.

MN Knitter's Days in October. Sue and I met up with Sheryl Hill, the organizer, at Arnhild's last February. I had met Sheryl a couple of years ago at Meg's. She was telling us about a camp that she organizes in October in Red Wing area. Last year, Cheryl Oberle was the knitter of the weekend. So, Sue and I signed up for this years. It should be fun!

And finally, the house closing is done, the insurance cancelled, the water and gas off, it is almost all finished. Who would have thought it would take almost a year....and how did it become a year later?

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