Sunday, April 04, 2010

Perspective and Almost Closure

Today, I think was the first Easter in 27 years that we have not went somewhere for Easter. Baby Boy A, of course is in Memphis. Baby Boy B, The Tall Guy and I had Jimmy Johns while sitting and standing in Mom's garage. There was only some stairs to sit on and one lone chair left, so Baby Boy B had to stand.

There is just a small pile of garbage left in the middle of the garage that hopefully my brother will take care of early this week. The rest of the house is clear, I think. It's funny, when we have helped other family members move to new houses, I always wondered why some people just up and leave things. Now, I know why. This house moving stuff is work, and by this time you are just ready to be out of it.

The Tall Guy wasn't too sad to be done. But, Baby Boy B and I both had a moment there this afternoon as we were getting ready to leave. It was not the house I grew up in, and not really a house that had memories like the other two she lived in, mostly the memories were ones of declining health and problems, but it was where she last was.

Baby Boy B, though, had some history there. He spent alot of time there with his grandma after she had some health problems a few years back. He ate alot of lunches with her when he could, he cut her grass for her, took her shopping sometimes, and of course for the last 7 months he was living there.

And then we were home, and Baby Boy B in his typical fashion said, "Mom when something happens to you and Dad and you leave us your house here and everything in it, we are going to ..." you fill in the dots. I hope we get a chance to get rid of alot of stuff before that happens! We've got a lot of stuff....I hope we are around for along time so we have time to go through it. Downsize and throw away old records and crap!

Soon very soon some closure! For now, lets knit.

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