Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sometimes It Just Happens

Last year, I bought some cream Bellagio to go with a sweater I thought would be a good fit. Turns out the two yarns were together were too heavy. While trying to find a good match for yesterday's yarn posting, I figured I would swatch the Bellagio to see if maybe it was the yarn to go well with the sweater.

I don't know what made me think to just add it to the Florens that I had bought one ball of swatch, but something happened. I decided I really like the look of the two together! They both are similar in they have the same feel and shiny thread running through them. The gauge is slightly off, but I should be able to make that work.

There is a Debbie Bliss pattern that I liked the look of with two yarns used together in much the same way. I'm not actually using the Debbie Bliss pattern for, but rather the color thought as an inspiration.

The stitch is actually from a tank from the Knit Simple and I am not using the right side, rather the wrong side, which for me would normally look the right side anyway. I am not making the tank either, at least I don't think. This is one of those that I am flying by the seat of my pants on. I'll knit til I get to the armholes and see where that takes me. Maybe, some sleeves, we'll see how long the Bellagio holds out.

I'm lookin at it this way, not only will I have used up the one ball of Florens I bought, but also the stash reducing on the Bellagio....

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