Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Started Out

looking for a yarn to go under this yarn. A couple of weeks ago, I had two possibilities which I swatched and blogged about. Today, I took them out to Knit 4 and sought other advice.

While there we tossed several of the ideas around. The consensus was that best one was one that the shop did not have enough of and unfortuately is discontinued.

Christiane sought Karyl out to shop for me over in Champaign and they too were out. Wonderful person that Karyl is, she volunteered to shop for me in Bloomington on her way back. I figured I might find something over in Morton so I did not have her stop.

As it turns out I found something and not taking my yarn in with me, brought it home knowing it would work. It didn't, so now I have enough of a yarn that will need something knit out of it. I'll blog about at a later date.

The search is still on. The over sweater is not finished yet, so there is still time...

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