Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five Days Not Five Weeks!

I like driving when going places...then you can take whatever you want without feeling like you are leaving something at home. You knitters know what I mean, but I'll blog about that later.

We are going to Memphis tomorrow to help Baby Boy A and wife move to Iowa. It's hot in Memphis...it will probably be hot in Iowa by the end of the move. So, I have to be prepared. Problem #1, I don't have many pairs of shorts so I am reworking a pair of old jeans for shorts. I prefer capris when out in public so I am packing some of those. T-shirts, more than I need but when you are hot, it might be nice to have a spare for the night...did I say I haven't even got to the knitting yet?

And, the tall guy's stuff isn't in here yet. Got my baggie for snacks in the car (Vera on left), bag for drugs, tennis shoes, toiletries (Vera next to suitcase), suitcase for us, small Vera bag for all the chargers, and my laptop cause I gotta be able to work too.

Then there is the knitting bag just for the car. Whats in it? Three in progress from the Knit One Knit All book. I am hoping to really accomplish alot on the Bias Top tomorrow. What I am really hoping is to not have to have to drive so I should have a good 7 hours of knitting...that is if I stay awake.

Then there is the bag that has the extra yarn...you know just in case I get stranded in Memphis! Like there isn't a yarn shop there! And my blankie and my pillow for the car. The blankie and the pillow were my mom's, she took them with her the only time we took her to Memphis. She was pretty smart and ever since I have thought it was a pretty smart of her. As I recall, I used the blankie more than she did.

And finally a sweater cause I get cold in restaurants and it's nice to have one to take along.

See you in 5 weeks...I mean 5 days.

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