Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Wing and A Prayer

This is the Bias-Sleeved Top from Schoolhouse Press' new book. You have to keep your wits about you when knitting EZ, but then most of you knew that already. No straight forward patterns here, but some great knitting designs that keeps you wondering, how did she come up with this? What a knitting mind!

I'm winging this along as I have made some modifications to mine. With the cotton yarn, I know that it is going to stretch, so I am not even knitting to the suggested width on the body.

The bottom has short rows to cinch it in. Now I just have to remember the front is not exactly like the back. For a moment, I had a little panic when I was almost done knitting on the back body. I looked at the schematic and looked at the front and noticed the short rows were suspended for awhile. OY!

With a little closer look at the directions, I discovered I was ok. (wipes brow)

I've added to both the width of the sleeve and the length of the sleeve. This is on a wing and a prayer. Hopefully, it will hit at a good spot and be short/long enough.

The clincher came last night when I went to knit on the other sleeve, having to think a bit about how I was going to reverse that shaping. I had a false start, but seem to have it back on track.

Throughout, I been praying there is enough yarn to do it, and it appears there will be. I am hoping for a finish for Knit Camp in a couple of weeks....

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Paula said...

Started Chambered Nautilus a few day ago. Fascinating. Loved seeing what you are doing here.