Friday, June 10, 2011

From "The" New Book

I resisted for awhile to cast on, but like food, when it comes to knitting I don't always have willpower. I'll be fine for awhile, but then I go nuts and just start casting on.

The neat part is for three out of the four projects, the cast ons were small enough numbers that I could call it a swatch. If it worked out on the first cast on, I already would have a good sum of rows cast on for the sweater. If it didn't, I wasn't out much knitting.

While knitting, I am using my Schoolhouse Press Knitting Journal to keep tabs on what I am doing. The only projects that are going into this journal are from Meg or EZ. All the rest are going in my Vera Bradley journal.

I'm not a hundred percent on most of what I have cast on from the book, but I am going to knit on and see how it progresses. Stick with me and you'll know how it goes too.

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