Monday, June 20, 2011

Of Course I Found Yarn Shops

The worst part of the kids moving from Memphis is that Yarniverse is literally just around the corner from them! The Tall Guy kindly waited in the car for me while I shopped on Friday afternoon. The ladies in the shop were kind to offer him a chair in the shop where it was cool, but I interceded for him...was that cruel?

The Tall Guy was very impressed with the small bag that I carried out to the car. At first, he asked if I was having the rest shipped home? Nope, I answered. It's a good thing he doesn't know what needles cost!

Just two balls of yarn joined the stash, which I am pretty pleased about. They are going to be a little shawl from Ravelry I believe.

And brand new from Lantern Moon, a set of nesting zip bags. They were at the front desk and almost the first thing I zeroed in on the minute I walked in...of course I had to have them, even though I don't exactly know what I am going to do with them right now.

On Saturday afternoon, the Tall Guy and Baby Boy B helped me find this shop in Cedar Rapids. Village Needleworks has a lot of different needlearts, and I came managed to come out with just my purse. I'm pretty proud of myself.

We decided to come home late last night so Crazy Girl didn't happen today, but the nice thing is there is always the next time, by then, I should have the stash down a bit more.

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