Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've Got It Tough

The rare occasion is that I get to sit in the back seat and just enjoy. I had all the comforts on our way to Memphis. Baby Boy B and the Tall Guy did all the driving. It made the trip seem not so long.

I had everything I needed. My knitting. My pillow and blankie. My IPod with Gabaldon's Outlander on it. The Ipad was close at hand until I lost it down the back of the Jeep (the Tall Guy found it later for me).

It will be a different trip to Iowa....I'll have to move to the front seat and will require I drive a little....the only thing that surprised me is how far I didn't get on my many knitting projects I brought with me. With the exception of about an hour, I was knitting the whole time.

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