Friday, May 18, 2012

I Learned Something Last Night

Actually, I knew it all along, but it became evident when I came home and looked at my Fundamentally Faroese Shawl that was dry.  What was really driven home, was that I don't really have a clue as to how to use blocking wires and T-pins to block a shawl. 

What is not seen in the picture below is what it looked like when I took one side off of the wires and pins.  It was grossly midshapen and had scallops running down one side.  The top wasn't so hot either.

I just kind of tossed it all on the table and went to bed and looked at it with fresh eyes this morning AND armed with my Ipad and YouTube, I searched on blocking shawls with wires and came up with a great video.  Almost in the first few minutes, what did the video say to me?

Be sure to run the wires in as many stitches as you can, other wise, you may get undesirable scalloping?!

With a little more patience this morning, I put a wire back in the offending side, spritzed it and let it dry all day with the wind blowing in on it.  On the top edge, I placed a few pins pushing back a few stitches that I had over zealously pinned while blocking.  I spritzed them too.

Before I unpin it tonight, I can see by the picture that the widows peak in the middle needs a bit more tweeking so it looks better.  I'll spritz it and let it sit until tomorrow afternoon and then I'll unpin it all and see what we get.

I kind of want to start another Faroese shawl, but not ready to cast on all of those stitches yet. 

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