Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Race Day

Starting around 10 am on the fourth Sunday in May and until around 3, I am glued to my t.v.  If the phone rings, I don't answer it.  If you step in front of the t.v. during the race, be prepared to have your head ripped off.  Just saying.

It all started back when I was in 8th grade.  I, finally had a sister-in-law who made it possible for me to actually go the races.  Before that time, it was always just my dad and brother.  Mom and Dad wouldn't let me go because there wasn't another female.  After my first race, I was hooked.  We went every year, driving 4 hours+ with traffic to get to the race.  Then we would hurry home, so we could watch the replay at 7:00. 

We continued to do that until my Dad passed away.  We all went one year beyond that, but things changed and then we just stayed home to watch on t.v.  Something I do almost every year.  I love the race still, and hope one day to go back again.  You just don't understand what it is like, unless you have been in the stand.

Right before my senior year in high school, Dad was transferred to Indianapolis.  It was a tough time, starting out that I was going to spend my last year in high school where I knew absolutely no one. Couple that with the fact, that I was real irritated that we moved to Carmel and not Speedway.  I always thought I would get a job at Speedway some day.  Might have, but Dad was just as homesick as me and Mom, so around Thanksgiving that same year, he wrangled a transfer back.  Probably not as good of a job at Krogers that he got when we went to Indy, but the family card trumped that.  Memories on a Memorial Day Weekend, what can I say.

It's great knitting t.v.  for me and today, I am trying to finish Jared Flood's Tweed Baby Blanket.  I'm down to the I-Cord Bind Off which I have never done.  It may take me the whole race and then some to finish it since, there is somewhere around 560 stitches.

Had to throw some knitting content in to this post, after all.

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