Monday, May 14, 2012

What A Nice Weekend

After a couple of snafus, we finally made our way to Iowa for the baby shower.  I got there a half an hour later, but no worries, I didn't miss any of the fun stuff. 

Believe it or not the Pea Pod was a hit.  This from something I wasn't sure I was even going to give her.  Who would have thunk!  An extra special present she received and I couldn't resist taking a picture.  You see she is a Cardinal Fan, he is a Cub fan. 
She is looking even more pregnant after just one week!  We came home Saturday night, which was kind of nice.  We could sleep in our own beds and enjoy Sunday.

The Tall Guy washed my car for me.  Baby Boy B vacuumed it. We ordered pizza for lunch and
Baby Boy B picked it up.  I spent the afternoon and most of the evening making lists and trying to decide what I wanted to be knitting out of a couple of yarns that I bought at camp last year.  I finally nailed it down.

It was such a nice relaxing Mother's Day, just doing what I wanted to.  And it was just beautiful out too!!

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