Monday, May 07, 2012

I Should Have Left It Closed

But, no, I thought I just thumb through the Summer Patternworks catalog real quick.  Mistake, big mistake.

There are quite a few Spring/Summer sweaters that I would love to knit for myself.  Even though, I know this is way to fluffy for me, I still like the cover sweater.

 Tahki Ripple in lots of colors.  I've really had a hankering to knit with this yarn, since friend Sue knitted a tank from it.

How about a Spring/Summer scarf?  Wonder if I could pull it off?  It may be too late for Central IL though. 
The Koigu Linen  Stitch Cowl.  I've got some colors in Koigu that might go for this one.  I bought them years ago from Threadbear Fiberarts in Lansing.  I started knitting Charlottes Web shawl with them, but I am thinking that they could be repurposed for this.  Again, not for this Spring season, maybe Fall.


And my fave from the catalog -- this little number.   But, then you knew that was coming didn't you!?
Unfortunately, there is still some baby knitting to finish up, but soon very soon, it's going to be all about me.

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