Friday, May 04, 2012

Last Minute Shower Gifts Drying

Evidently my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  There are so many more things I wanted to have knitted for tomorrow's shower.  Unfortunately, there are only two more for this one.  A couple of baby burp cloths.  I'm not real sure that they will get a much use, but I'm sticking them in the basket for the shower anyway.

Next week's shower is in Iowa and I don't have any finished knitting for it.  I'm gonna be knittin a lot for Baby H this week.  I'm sort of looking for the break that will come after next week's shower.  If you can call 8 weeks a break.  That be 8 weeks until the baby is/should be here.  And 9 weeks until Knit Camp!  OMG!  Gotta knitting deadlines.

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