Monday, February 17, 2014

Almost Finished Olympic Project

I just love the funky way this jacket goes together.  You have to knit it just by blind faith and following the directions.  That is what EZ was all about.  She made us think as knitters. 

I do have to admit though, if I had not made this before I might just have a bit of a problem  as to figuring how it is supposed to be folded together.

 I left my increase markers in place on the right side to make sure that I remembered which was the right side of the garment.

Et voila, added a little 8 ridge collar on it to finish the neckline of it.  I just need to find 5 buttons to go on it, block and mail it off to Miss Mona Lisa as a belated Valentines sweater.

This is going to be perfect for early Spring wearing for her.  That is if Spring doesn't get flooded out.  We are expecting another 3-5 inches of snow with sleet again today.   Sigh.

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