Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Purloined Pictures

I am borrowing purloined from the Knitmore Girls.  They use it as a segment on their podcast.  Today's post has purloined pictures that I thought were kind of fun to blog about.

It was such a hoot, to tune into the Ice Dancing the last couple of days, and see knitting.  To the casual viewer, it was probably no biggie, but to a knitter, we could recognize it and shout out that it was Fair Isle.  

Are these not the coolest?  Hanging  between buildings on Coimbra Street, in Portugal.  This one purloined from Facebook.  I am not sure if is crochet or knit or some other form of needle art, but I could see doing something like these around a patio in the summer time.

At the top of the Snow Boarding course, the Finnish Coach is knitting a long white scarf.  Okay, that coach gets it  - it probably was a long wait at the top through all of the different runs.  How cool is this for all the world to see??

And finally, Miss Mona Lisa in her last year's mittens and her beret.  I cannot believe she is still wearing them.  And word from her parents, she loves them.  Makes this grandma's heart feel good.

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