Monday, February 10, 2014

Sorry, We Are Closed

There was a major water main break in Peoria which meant that we were without water, something there has to be for us to function.  All of the staff and students were sent home around 11ish.  And since I am technically not in patient care, physical plant or security, me and my staff were out of there!

I took advantage of the afternoon to knit on my Ravellinic project.  I am now up to the increase piece of it.  I should have technically been doing some work, but I was able to monitor some emails and answer some phone calls while working on my Baby Surprise Sweater in the comfort of my fave chair, blankie and coffee.

It was a really nice quiet afternoon enjoying the day and the knitting.  Makes the coldest day a really quite nice reprise from work for at least an afternoon.

Tomorrow, it is back to work, but I will need to pack some drinking water since we are under a boil order for at leaf 36 hours.

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Kristen said...

That is the worst to be without water! I've always wanted to knit a baby surprise. Tell us if you enjoyed it or not.