Sunday, February 09, 2014

Speaking of Olympic Knits

My Ravellinic project is bit slow going.  There are so many other things that are catching my eye right now that I want to be knitting, but we'll talk about those at another time.  For now, here is just a bit of what mine looks like.  I am part of the Briar Rose Fibers Group over on Ravelry.  Chris is a friend from camp who so graciously gifted me a skein of her 4th of July yarn the summer that Mona Lisa was born.  It is a deep rose and I have been saving it for now so I could knit EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket for her.  Mine is going to be of the Child's Surprise Jacket, since 4th of July is a worsted weight yarn.

Okay, I am sorry Ralph, but your sweater is just too much!  

 However, I am loving the hats on the Slovenians that I see on the ski slopes.  I am just loving the colors.

What I love about the Winter Olympics?  All the wonderful hats and scarves that you see on the spectators and on t.v.  Check this one out seen by Mary C. tonight.

Looks like it is all in garter with the design from neck to arm, and flip back collar.

 I am so thinking this one is better to knock off than Ralph's.  Sorry again, Ralph.

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