Monday, February 24, 2014

Yarn Crawl Shopping!

I love our yearly knitting weekends.  We always start on Friday morning and crawl our way to our destination by visiting yarn shops along the way.

Friday, we started at a shop in Edwardsville IL.  I cannot believe I didn't buy anything, but it was early in the morning, and I was saving myself.  The next stop close to St. Louis, was a bust as they were closed as in closed for good.  I hate to see that.

Knitorious was next after a quick lunch at Arbys.  We really wanted to get to as many shops as we could on Friday, so we could spend time on Saturday shopping in St Charles itself.  I had found my way to Knitorious several years back when I was in St Louis for training.  They have quite the selection of yarns and patterns that would take you days to look through.

I found a little shawl that I bought yarn for that I thought would be fun to do.  The shawl is Vintage Colors Shawlette by Helen Rush.  It caught my eye as we were almost ready to leave and I picked up the yarn for it - Ty-Dy Socks Skinny Stripes and Cozette.  I am excited to start it for Spring but right now resisting the urge.

Hearthstone was next on the list.  At the same training as above, I also ventured out to Hearthstone.  It was not my fave shop back then, but I have to say, my opinion has changed since.  They had a bit more depth to their yarns this time around, or maybe, I just knew what to look for now.  Either way, I did not come out empty handed and I have to say the owner is such a very nice pleasant lady!

For ages, I have wanted to knit the Warren Jacket and try Tahki Yarns Ripple yarn out.  I do believe this Taupe color way is going to be a great all around Spring jacket.  Best of all, it was a dollar cheaper than another shop that I had seen Ripple in.

I just could resist this lovely yarn.  It is going to be a cowl that was a free pattern with purchase.  I am not sure that I will get it knitted yet this year, but it will be great for next year.  And just maybe, I will find a nice aqua coat to go with?

And no trip should be complete without buying a book, now would it?!  A little something I am going to put away for next winter knitting.

We tried to go to one other shop on our way down, but by the time we got there, it was closed.  And I was okay with that.  Knit and Caboodle was still open when we got to St Charles, so we bopped into there for a quick look see, but frankly, I was done shopping for the day, so I manage to get out scot free!

Now, you might think that was the end of the yarn shopping, buttttttt, since Knitorious was open today, we stopped there one last time.  We were all looking for something a little more.  And I was ever so pleased that we did stop.

I have been wanting to knit Miss Mona Lisa and sweater out of this color way of Liberty Wool and was so pleased to find it there at Knitorious.

And just as I was checking out, Pam held up this yarn.  I could not resist for Christmas 2014 knitting for either my daughter-in-law or Miss Mona Lisa.  They are Iowa Hawkeye fans so how cool is it to find a yarn just for them.

I am quite pleased with my purchases this weekend.  Not too much, not too little.

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