Saturday, February 01, 2014

Preppin for the Ravellinics

In just a week, the Olympics will be in full force and there will be plenty of t.v. for this knitter to be knitting by.  Since, I was unable to go to the shop today (our road is crap right now), I decided to stay home and do a little prep for the Ravellinics over on Ravelry.  I am part of Team Briar Rose Fibers as is quite evident of my possible projects below.

I spent some time this morning, just winding a ball of each of my possible Olympic projects.    The first is the lovely Sea Pearl.  I have some of this that is a Vitamin D that is a WIP, but I ordered this last weekend, and the lovely Chris had it to me in just a few short days.  This has some lovely gray/blues/greens it that the pic does not do justice, but I think it is going to be a great yarn for what I have in mind for it.

I only have one ball of this pink toned Fourth of July, but that is all I am going to need for my project that is going to be casting on at the official start of the Olympics.

The last skein I had to wind was Wistful.  I have knit several garments out of it before and I have to say again, it is right up there as a fave.  This is gray/blue and is going to be super with blue jeans for casual day.

Something I did not have to wind yet, is the Abundance for my Eadon.  The Eadon has been in progress for a couple of years.  I think it might have even been a contender for the last Summer Olympics knitting.  I really thought that it was going to be my main focus for this year's Ravellinics, but these other ones just seemed to creep to the top.

The first one is going to be EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket for Miss Mona Lisa.  Chris gifted me this yarn at Knit Camp right after she was born and I have been saving it for her.  The plan is to really be on this one so I can give it to her for Valentines Day.

Second up may be Caissa from Anne Hanson over at KnitSpot out of the Wistful yarn.  This is one of those patterns that will have to be sewn together, and you all know how I love doing that!
But the knitting should be a pure joy to do.

And finally ta da!  This little gem will probably not be something I knit on while engaged in serious Olympic knitting, but still it is on the deck.  This pattern is once again to those Rainey Sisters who are always enticing me with a project here and there.  I love this!  I had tried my darndest to knit it out of the Tosh Fingering that I bought, but for some reason, it just felt like it wanted to be something a little more classy.

I am super anxious to start all of these, but before then, I'll need to do some swatching on both Caissa and Hitofude.  The Surprise Jacket will be a swatch in progress, maybe.

And of course, I have two current projects on the needles that need some knitting attention too, I would like to have both Tangerine Rose and Downover close to off the needles at least before I launch into the next round of knitting.

In order to do that, I need to close up the computer, so for now Happy Knitting!

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