Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall for Shawls Begins

The Spring KAL on the Knitaway Group was the   Birds Nest Shawl by Cheryl Oberle . It bled into my Summer of Shawls where I knitted on it during camp, ran out of yarn when I got out of home, finished it, blocked it, found a dropped stitch after blocking, ripped it back about 6 rows, re-knitted the border, bound off and now is officially a part of the Fall for Shawls here on PJKnits.

I love it!  I love the yarn, Just Beautiful Alpaca also from  It is no secret I love Alpaca, but I really love this yarn.  Especially after blocking.  It feels so good on the skin, guess that is why I am knitting a big black Shetland Shawl out of it too,  but thats more of a Winter project.

I really liked knitting on this pattern.  It made me a believer in markers too.  It wasn't super hard knitting on it and I really feel a sense of accomplishment with the finishing of it.

I'm going to be bringing it out and wearing it a lot this Fall especially at night when sitting out on the porch or early mornings.

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Nancy said...

Pretty, pretty! I agree, such fun to knit!