Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wonder What He Thinks

The postman lately has been bringing me all kinds of cool mail.  Don't cha wonder what he has been thinking?  This package took forever to get to me, and I don't mean just because it came from Germany.  Just getting it to my house.  First try, no one was home so they left a slip in the mailbox.  Evidently, I didn't read it very well, because I signed it and put it out for what I was hoping would be two day delivery.  About a week went by, and I got a notice that it was my final chance.  This time I read it, checked the appropriate box and told them where to leave it.

Friday, after a particular busy week, there it was siting on the table waiting for me.  Lovely goodness.  I've never knitted with it before, but knitting friend,  Linda has and so I just had to try some.  Are not these lovely?  And basically, purchased on a whim.

I really have no idea what the one above is going to be, i just like the colors.  The purple one below is going to be one of Franklin Habit's shawls I believe.

Earlier this week, the postman delivered a new book for me.  I had heard it reviewed on the Knitmore Girl's podcast among a couple of other blogs who blogged about it and it sounded like something that I might need.  

Then today, I received two goodies, my new Wool Gathering with a shawl that I have wanted to knit forever.

And yarn to knit it out of.  This one is for me.  I don't know which of the two shawls above I am going to knit first with it, I'll figure that out later.

This yarn came too, it is a surprise for a friend of mine.  I'm not going to do the knitting, she is, at least I hope she is!

So many cool new things to knit on I can hardly contain myself, but for now, I'm just looking at them as I have a couple of things I would like to get off of the needles first.  I'm sad though, I have to wait a couple of days for the postman to come back, even sadder because I don't think I have anything good for him to deliver to me!

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