Sunday, September 14, 2014

When Extra Sets of Needles Come in Handy

Since finishing those three Iowa scarves on Friday, I've found it hard to concentrate on a knitting project.  Well, actually, this would be the reason.  Mona Lisa and her mom and dad were here so we have been having just a ball with them all and some family gatherings.

After they left today, I decided to pull out a little top that I cast on after camp.  I just had this little bit of yarn left on the first ball to knit with and I thought I would get it out and at least finish the ball, then put it away until next year.

Before putting it away, I thought it might be a good time to move it to some other needles, and not tie might Chiagoo Interchangeables in Size 6 for a half of a year.  Come to find out, I like these old Addi's better for the Berroco Linus yarn.  There is a bit of more drag on the Addis and they are not as pointy as the Chiagoos.  Normally, I love my Chiagoos, but for this semi ladder like yarn, they sometimes catch those little holes which can be annoying.  

I'm not real sure I am ready to put this one away yet, if I would seriously knit on it, I may be able to wear it at least one time this Fall over a long sleeve shirt.

 While contemplating what to knit on next (that is a WIP), I decided to pull out a little shawl in hopes that I could finish it before Summer is officially over.  This one is out of Berroco Folio which is a luscious feeling yarn, I will surmise because of a bit of alpaca in it, but it too was on a Chiagoo needle (not an interchangeable), and it felt a bit slippery to knit on.   I decided to hunt down a Knit Picks Harmony needle and knit a few rows with it.

My conclusion was that I wasn't real crazy about them for this yarn.  Yes, there was a bit more drag, but it really wanted to drag way too much over the join, something I really dislike when I am knitting a fairly easy knit.

The second conclusion is that the yarn is just way too dark on the Harmonies.  I can knit in the dark very well, but this one I occasionally need to see what is going on and they just were not what I wanted to feel in my hands.  So, I've knitted it back onto the original needles for now.

Now for the final conclusion, is this what I want to be knitting on?

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Nancy said...

Forget the constant questioning that takes us into the hole of no finishing and just knit! Looking forward to seeing at least one of these finished and crossed off the list!!!