Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm Not the Only One! - Wednesday Website

It is so funny when I think about knitting and which direction I want to go and then every where I turn on blogs and podcasts, someone else has an equally brilliant idea.  It would seem the latest greatest idea is knitting sweaters!  I have always been a proponent of local yarn shops promoting classes in sweaters as a second knitting project.  I still don't get why my three local yarn shops don't do more of it, but, well, that is a whole nuther post/soapbox.

Susan B. Anderson  blogged about her sweater chest a couple of weeks ago, which gave me an ah ha moment.  It would seem that she keeps her sweaters in a cedar chest/hope chest.  Hey, I inherited one of those, why didn't I think about putting my sweaters in it last Spring instead of my plastic bins?

If you haven't read Susan's Blog lately or watched her videos, you really should.  She has a great idea going over there to knit 10 or 12 sweaters that are your go to sweaters.  I whole heartedly agree.  That is kind of what I tried to do with my Knit and Fit 2014 earlier this year.

Yesterday, Bonne Marie of Chic Knits, launched a new sweater for this Fall.  I especially liked the way she presented it on her website, the four sweaters she showcased at the bottom really caught my eye as well.  I have said it before, but I really like Bonne Marie's patterns.  They fit me, give me some shaping where I need it, I just like them.

One of the podcasts that I listen to while in the car is The Knitmore Girls, I've blogged about them before.  They are getting on the bandwagon with the The Knit Girllls and Susan for a longterm KAL of knitting sweaters.  Hmmm, who would of thunk of a better idea?!

I'm in of course.  I will, however,  be reprising my Knit and Fit 2014 because, hey there is still time, won't you join me?  What sweaters are you knitting this Fall?

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