Friday, November 07, 2014

Finally Finished Friday

I finally totally finished by Gibson Sweater by Norah Gaughan!  Blocked and threads hidden, sleeves ripped back about three inches and re-bound off.

It has been finished since last Spring when it turned too warm to wear it.  But, last Saturday, it was just what I needed to throw on for a Saturday that was a bit chilly.  The consensus was that it needs a belt, because I just did like the way it kept wanting to stay open.  (I like my sweaters to stay shut!)

It felt so good to wear that I thought it would be a perfect sweater to wear inside last weekend.  Think again.  I love the yarn, Berrocco Kodiak, but when I looked at my chair Saturday night, it had tons of the little red yarns all over it.  It just is not going to make the grade for wearing around the house.  I am just not into cleaning up little red fuzzes all over the place!

I do have enough yarn left to knit a belt so that will help when I want to wear it out and about.  I just have to remember NOT to wear anything light under it.

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