Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sox Sunday

As much as I know I should be working on my Fundraiser items, I have declared every Sunday until the end of the year Sox Sunday!  And not the baseball kind of sox, heaven forbid!

I found on Friday, that I really quite like wearing my hand knit sox when it is chilly.  My Regia Clown Colorway, I believe are my fave.  They fit just right all over!  And wash and dry to perfection.

So I pulled on another pair today.  My Lornas Laces is not the best fit, a little loose in places, but I blame that on the knitter.  And they too, wash and dry up well.

Then, I got to thinking, I have more sox on needles than in my sock drawer.  (There is more than one pair of sox in each of these bags)

Sad isn't this pithy amount of sox!  My very first sock I knit is at the top.  It was out of wool ease and is Cottage Creations Wisconsin Sock. It really is a boot sock, and before Baby Boy B grew to over 6 foot, he wore them when out in the snow for some trip.  Left to right is a pair of Regia sox that I knit for me t What a difference between my Clown and these.  They are more of a boot sock to fit me and I wear them in my winter boots when trekking to work.  They are a bit loosey goosey.  The middle sock was from leftover yarn from a tunic that I knit.  They are really more of a kick around the house sock, being knitted out of a DK weight yarn and don't have much of a cuff.  And the sock on the right are my Mexico socks.  They are a cotton/wool yarn and aptly named because every February, I would take them on my yearly trip to Mexico.  I would work on them a bit on the plane to Mexico, and maybe a bit while there, but they took about four years to finally finish.

Not nearly enough to get me through, so I've decided to knit just on my sox on Sundays until the end of the year.

And I have some really cool yarn, I can hardly wait to cast on -

I wonder how many I'll have finished by the end of the year?

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