Saturday, November 08, 2014

Pro-cras-ti-nation Is Making We Wait

We spent most of the morning at the old house getting it ready for an Open House tomorrow.  (Send good vibes that someone will want to buy it so the Tall Guy can stop having to do two yards every weekend).  I gave up my Saturday morning ritual of knitting at the shop to go over and give the inside a once over.  I'm glad I did.

Then, we came home and I felt like I really needed to help the Tall Guy with the leaves here.  I'm tired so I know how he must feel doing the brunt of the work.

I really should be knitting on my piece of the Fundraiser for next weekend.  I've got the hat and mittens done.

And I am behind on my scarf that I have a deadline of a black and orange section a day (I'm on yesterday's orange section.

What I really want to do is see if Rylie will work for this shawl.  One of my local yarn shops is having a sale next week and it would be a good time to pick it up if it works.  I am just dyeing to cast on this shawl…

And then there is the latest new Susan B Anderson shawl pattern that I could not resist buying, but I am not even going to go to the yarn room and see if there is any yarn for it, not yet.

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