Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sox on Sunday

At the start of the day.  I am loving the feel of this yarn.  It is Lynai and the color way is Across the Universe.  

At the end of the day.

Okay, so not a lot of success, but there was a bit of research going on with socks today.  My last pair that I knit I did the afterthought heel.  I really like it, but I know that I have heard somewhere that there were some tips and tricks about how to make them a bit easier to execute.  I was pretty sure it was on the Twinset Design Podcast and maybe even on the Knitmore Girls podcast, but could just not come up with it.  I was all over the place doing searches for hints on afterthought heels.

I thought maybe a book that I bought sometime back might help me out, so I did a bit of reading today just to see what is in the book.  There are tons of heels and toes and some tips and tricks, but nothing that really gave me any more insight on my afterthought heel.

I finally went to my go to spot for finding things.   Ravelry, the google for knitters.  I posted  on the Twinset Designs Podcast Ravelry group in hopes that someone would respond and help me to make this type of sock that I really loving look a bit better.   Both Jan and Ellen responded link here

I think I may good to go on my new pair.

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