Friday, November 21, 2014

Prayer Shawls for Hospice

Never let it be said that I do things in a small way.  I don't just go in, I go IN!

Since I finished my Multnomah and the Fundraiser knitting last week, I've been planning some shawls for one of our local Hospice Homes.  Almost every year in the past about right now, I would be knee deep in Holiday knitting and stressing about getting it all finished.  Many a holiday season, Norma and I would talk about why we felt the need to knit for everybody at the holidays and why we didn't start a little sooner.

So this year, I really didn't plan on any knitted gifts for anyone.  Not even Mona Lisa.  When I heard that there was a need for prayer shawls, I knew that this was something I wanted to be knitting on.  I see it as three fold.  I get to knit, stress free, on shawls (maybe some I get to try are new patterns) and those who receive the gift I think really can use them and appreciate them.

The first one I started on was Rustic Beauty.  It is out of Berroco Vintage DK from my stash.  The yarn was originally slated for the Victorian Coat for Mona Lisa, but it became more and more evident that Mona Lisa is not a Victorian Coat kind of toddler, so the first one is coming out of stash yarn.  Rustic Beauty is a crescent shawl and not terribly hard to keep track of the knitting, but I wanted something that I really didn't have to pay any attention to for knit nights and other times when you just don't want to keep track of anything while you are knitting.

So the second cast on is my standby Wool Peddler's Shawl out of Pacific.  It had to be my fave color and I am sure there will be a recipient of it that will love the color as much as I do.  And Pacific fits the bill of being easily washable and uber soft to touch.

Waiting in the wings is this yarn, that will be a wrap, but it absolutely cannot be cast on until the Wool Peddler's shawl is done.

What a wonderful time of the year is coming up and how better to spend some of my knitting time creating something that I hope will bring comfort and peace to those who need it.  And that brings me some comfort and peace as well.

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Andi said...

What a lovely post, Penny. Indeed is the perfect time of year to being the comfort of hand knits to those who need it. You are amazing!