Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sox Sunday Kind of Sort of Success

Where I started today.

Where I finished today.

This was my first try at the afterthought heel.  I like the way the heel feels on the foot, it just fits so nice,  but I am so used to being done when the toe is done, I was really impatient to have these done and move onto the next ones.

While knitting these sox, I learned something else, do not use a black needle on black yarn.  Duh.

One of the reasons that I wanted to try the afterthought heel is to see how it would work on a yarn where you wanted to keep the integrity of the stripes on the front of the sox and the heels.  Individually that worked out pretty well.

But, with the second sock, there seems to have something gone a bit wonky.  I got this strange one row of green/blue where there should have been 3 rows.  Hmmm.

Yes, I am going to try this again and maybe do a bit of research on alternate ways to do the afterthought sock, I think it has potential.

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