Sunday, November 16, 2014

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

On Friday, we celebrated my birthday with Steak and Fries, and my crew from the back.  Yum!  They know me so well, they knew where I would pick and what I wanted.  Didn't even have to tell them.

On Saturday, we had a full house at Knit 4 Together!  What fun on a Saturday morning, sitting around knitting, a cuppa and tasty treats from Great Harvest.

And this morning, this is what we woke up to.  It is almost gone now, but it is way to early for this crap.

And even though, it is Sox Sunday, I finished binding off the Multnomah Shawl.  I started last night casting off, but just could not keep my eyes open long enough to finish. It is waiting patiently to be blocked later this week.  Multnomah is a free pattern, you can find it here .  Mine is knitted from a local dyer, Dynamic Duo.  The fingering weight yarn is called Panda and the color way is Papa's Cabin.  Isn't that a cool name?!

I got a bit of a bug this morning (after several cuppas  in my pretty coffee cup) to clean up a couple of messes that have been hangin around for awhile.

 Right after we moved into the house last Summer, I decided to weed out some projects that have been on needles that I just knew would never see any knitting time.  When I did, I tossed the needles into my bucket and figured some day I would figure out what sizes they were and put them in there proper space. Today was a good day to that.  Conclusion, I have a lot of needles.  And someday, when someone that I know takes knitting seriously, I'll make them a set of some really nice circulars.

And while I was at it, I decided it was time to clean some yarn ball bands up.   In the olden days, when I would buy yarn and wind it or use a skein up, I would throw the ball band in here. Then, when I was finished with the project, I would go to the bucket and count up how many it took for a particular project and note that in my project notebook and on the project page in Ravelry.

Lately, when I go to wind a yarn, I throw the ball band in the bucket.  When I go to start a project, I write at the bottom of the page in my notebook, how many skeins I actually bought, then count the labels when I was finished or how many skeins I had left, and note how many it took on my project page on Ravelry and in my project notebook.

Now, my WIP's ball bands are nicely paper clipped together so when I finish a project, I can count the ball bands, make a note of how many it took for the project and throw them away, except for the one I keep for my notebook.

Not bad for a Sox Sunday.

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