Friday, November 28, 2014

Shopping From My Chair

I love a post on Facebook from some online company, it went something like "Black Friday Shopping - Pajamas optional".  That about says it for me today.  The Friday after Thanksgiving is my day!  The yarn shops aren't open, family is gone, and it is my day.  Nothing is expected of me.

A constant cup of coffee is going to be my companion, along with my remote.

I'll probably buy a couple of Craftsy Classes, cause hey they are on sale today for $19.99.

I may take a few of the Thanksgiving decorations down in anticipation of starting to decorate for Christmas after December 1st.

I'll order some Christmas presents from Amazon (love Amazon Prime), but mostly I am going to be knitting and probably casting on somethings.

I'm working a bit on my first prayer shawl, but mostly going to save it for knitting at the shop tomorrow, since I love knitting on a mindless project out there.  The edge has a lace pattern to it and I am hoping by the end of the weekend, I may be ready to set it up.

I need to rip back my Metro and try a different skein of yarn.  I was going to leave it as is, but the skein I am currently using has way too much white in it.  And I REALLY do not want to do the whole two rows of one skein, two rows of the next skein altering thingy.  If I have to I will, but I just don't want to!

Who knows what other little things I'll venture into today.  It's my day.  Hope you are enjoying yours whatever you are doing, but hopefully, you are not working.  I am doing my best to help you out.

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