Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Let's Talk About Sweaters

Ok, so all of a sudden it feels like July instead of September, but this is the perfect time to be talking about and starting to knit some sweaters so you really will be ready with a new one when Fall makes it's official debut!

Let's start with what you like to wear.  Open up your closet and look at what is hanging there.  What are the styles?  Is there one or two that you really have a lot of?  When you go shopping, do you gravitate toward a certain style?  Do you prefer a pullover or a cardigan?  V-Neck or Crew?  Full length sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.  Maybe that should be the basis for your first sweater this Fall.

What is your inspiration?  Do you have a designer that you lean towards in Ready-to-wear or knit design?  In the past I've blogged that I am a Mizrahi fan and have been for about 25 years.  Too bad, he doesn't have knit designs.  But, wait a minute, there is no reason with all the designs out on Ravelry that you could not duplicate your favorite designer into something for Fall!

Next, what about color?  Do you have a favorite color or do you like them all?  You all know that my fave is Caribe Blue, but with Fall coming, I'm going to have to put the Caribe Blues away, but luckily, Teal is a big Pantone Color for Fall as well as Vogue Knitting did a big spread on it in their latest issue. What is your favorite color and is there a Fall tone of it that you can knit your Fall sweater from?

Got Yarn?  I know I do!  And some really nice sweater quantities too!  As much as I like the fast knitting of worsted and bulkies, lets face it, I don't have the body for the heavier yarns.  So, my sweaters this Fall have got to be DK or Fingering Weight.  I've even got a couple on the needles for Fall for from Falls gone by, that I am going to give the college try to complete this Fall for sweater wearing.   Lucky for me they are still in style!

Top Down, Bottom Up, Pieces?  For me, I'm a fan of top down, but maybe that is because I am just lazy and dislike sewing up!  What is your preference?

Our late Summer has given us some more time to start knitting sweaters for Fall, what is yours going to be?

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