Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Long

Summer and the Summer of Shawls!  Today is the first day of Autumn, how did that happen?

Originally, I was going to blog how I was still going to be knitting on baby stuff and how sweater knitting was going to have to wait, but after listening to the The Yarniacs Podcast this week , I decided that there is plenty of time to knit on baby stuff for this Fall/Winter.  I've spent the last couple of months fully engrossed in baby blankies and it is time to knit for ME!

I am pretty stoked about knitting some sweaters for me and equally stoked about getting some off of needles too.  I love the change of seasons and even though I vow to be ready, I am never quite ready.  In the coming weeks, I hope you will stick by the blog while we get back into sweater knitting mode and all that entails.

Until then, get out and enjoy this drop dead beautiful Fall Day!  I am.

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