Sunday, September 27, 2015

What Are You Going To Do Today?

That's a question either the Tall Guy or I ask each other about every Sunday.  Our Saturdays are pretty routine now that we are one home owners, he does his around the house thing, I go to the shop and knit, then come home to laundry.

But, on Sundays, barring any commitments and that the laundry is done and the grass mowed, we pretty much hang out and enjoy the day.  Now that Poppy's ensemble is all done and ready to be Fed Exed tomorrow and while I wait for the yarn I ordered for his second blanket to arrive, I'm pulling out some of my WIPS for me.

It is quite freeing to be able to be knitting for myself for a bit.  On taps, is Chuparosa from Berroco Maya.

 I'm still pleasantly surprised as how soft the yarn is and how much I like it, but, it has some interesting hairs in it.  It almost reminds me as if I have a cat or a short haired dog that may have been around it.

It's a fact that I dislike seaming, but earlier this Summer, I decided it was high time that I took the bull by the horns and worked on that dislike.  I embarked on knitting Amy Herzog's Custom Fit Inlet Cardigan in pieces.  It has been sitting upstairs in the finishing basket for quite a while, all blocked and ready to be seamed.  Today, just seemed like a good day to dust off Chris Byslma's Craftsy Seaming Class and pull out the pieces of the sweater and maybe manage to sew some of the pieces together.
I managed to get the shoulders seams together.

Next up is the sleeve seams.  Normally, I'd just wing it, but I've decided to pin the garment to the sleeves as I would if I were sewing a jacket or blouse out of fabric. I pleased that the armscye and the sleeve are the same size and they "should" go together relatively easily.

And thats my Sunday in a nutshell!  What did you do today?

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