Saturday, September 12, 2015

Packing For A 48 Tour

We are heading out for an overnight trip to see Mona Lisa.  We'll be back on Sunday.  Most of today will be spent at a shower for Mona Lisa's new cousin-to-be and a birthday party for her maternal Grandpa.  So, why does it seem that my normal knitting bag is just not big enough to hold everything I want to take?  (I am on the search for a new knitting bag that is sharp and classy STILL, I may have found one but it is still about 3 weeks from reveal).

 Even though I have told myself that I am going to be knitting on Poppy's baby afghan whenever I am not in the presence of the kids.

I am taking along my next Hospice Home Prayer Shawl, as it is a simple pattern to knit in public and hopefully, I can finish it or at least use up the yarn I have wound and tossed in my bag.

Hard to believe that is all I am taking, isn't it?

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