Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What's On What's Off

Poppy's Teddy Baby Blanket is finally off the needles and soaking in the tub while I type.  I'm telling you, I've been sweating this one a bit.  I am hoping to get it blocked, dried and FedExed by Thursday.  Even though, we've got about three weeks, I've just got a feeling I shouldn't hold off getting this over there fairly soon.

The Peapod is just barely on the needles, but this isn't something that has to be sent.  I can take it with me when we go over after Poppy is born.

I am so super happy that Fall t.v. shows are on again.  My fave is The Voice and this looks to be a super good season again.  But, of course, I am DVRing it because I gotta keep my eye on my Cardinals too.

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