Sunday, September 13, 2015

You Don't Even Want To Know

What I am planning next!!  After getting a good look at Poppy's room this weekend, it became quite evident when I got home, that he needed a baby blanket to go with the room.

BUT, I've got a butt load of this blue yarn and a healthy start to the Teddy Bear Baby Blanket.

BUT, I have been known to knit three baby blankets for one baby (Mona Lisa)
 one for the hospital in the pre-requisite pink,

one in the colors of her bedroom,

and one just for daycare.

And I have a few yarns to get me started on his blankie for the bedroom, but not all the colors, so I am off to order some online.  The plan is for a blankie similar to the Whale Blankie that I just finished only using planes, trains, autos….and did I mention that his due date is one month away?  I gotta a lot of baby knitting to be done!

Now, if I just knit more, eat less, I could be down a couple of pounds the next time I head over there!

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