Friday, March 18, 2016

It's Friday Night

What are you all up to?

Every where around me, it is March Madness.  As previously posted last week, you all know that I am a fan of high school basketball at this time of year.  Yep, I'm watching the second weekend of March Madness in Central Illinois and knitting of course.  Right now, I am watching two teams that have just one point between them that in the first few minutes were at a 15 point deficit.  I love when there is a comeback and the score is so close!

In between commercials and after tonight's high school games are over, I'll switch over to the NCAA.  I really don't do collegiate basketball, but I do fill out my bracket and keep pretty close contact with it.  Lost City Knits got me started on this bracket filling out thing last year f! While watching the college teams play, I'm knitting some more.

My bracket is a little bit better this year, but I do have to say, that darn Michigan State screwed me again this year.  Frankly, that whole quarter of the bracket has been a tad bit sucky this year.  But, hey, it is still fun.

And it makes great t.v. to knit by.  Have a great weekend and knit something!

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