Sunday, March 20, 2016

The First Day of Spring 2016

Okay, so it isn't the warmest first day of Spring, and at this final posting, the clouds have moved in and the sun is all but gone, but before it totally tucked away, I was out taking some pics for Fridays Finally Finished blogpost,  and I looked down amongst these bushes of almost solid brown sticks, I saw some orangey/red peeking out at me!

Yesterday, this sight greeted me as I came home from a morning of knitting.  The Tall Guy threatens to cut them down, like he pruned a corner bush a couple of weeks ago (I am still not over that one enough to blog about it in a coherent way).  Blue skies and sprouts are a sure thing that we will be knitting on the porch very soon!

Since it is the first day of Spring and because I have a project off of the needle and blocking, I am just dyeing to cast on something new for Spring.

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