Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Through Fuzzy Eyes

Just a gorgeous day in Central Illinois.  And before I headed to my eye appointment for an eye dilation, I bopped home to take advantage of the sun and wind to take some pictures for later posts. I could not resist though posting one of the trees in the back in full bloom.

I love these trees and try to snap pictures and enjoy them for their such short beauty season.  Pretty soon, the flowers will drop and behind it will be some nice green leaves for late Spring and Summer.  The leaves will make some nice shade to sit under and watch birds and squirrels.  If you look really close, you can see a Hospice Prayer Blanket hanging from the tree, I'll show that full pic on Friday.

While out there, I did a little video, that I am adding here, I am not sure how it will turn out or if readers can watch it, but I'm giving it the college try.

I am hoping it comes through well, as seeing the Vet Hospice Blanket blowing in the breeze just really felt right and renews my interest in knitting a few more these red, white and blue ones.

Have a great evening, catch you tomorrow for Wednesday Website!

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