Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where Did That Long Weekend Go

The Tall Guy and I both had Friday off.  We had some things to do around the house in anticipation of the kids coming home Friday night.  It was a drop dead gorgeous day!  We got moving early and went grocery shopping.  Both of us remarked that this must what it feels like to be retired and how we could totally get it into it!

After getting our chores down, I spent the rest of the day and the evening watching the State high school basket ball small school tournaments on t.v. (something I have loved watching since I was a kid).  We had all the windows open in the house until almost dark!  Who does that in mid March?

It was the best day just hanging out, drinking coffee and

knitting my fool heart out on Mona Lisa's big girl blanket. I was not successful in finishing it yet (when I showed it to her on Saturday, she remarked that it wasn't big enough, Grandma)

 Poppy is growing so fast at 5 months old.

And Mona Lisa, well, she is so dang smart and proudly announced that Uncle Roger was her best friend (at least for the weekend) and that Grandma was pretty smart.

Too quickly it all passed by and the rain came and the kids went home.

It was way too quiet in the house so I took solace in a cuppa with everything.

Caught up on some podcasts and I am still knitting on the big girl blanket.

The End.

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