Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Weather Report

I'm sorry, but it is the start of March and look at this weather report!  You can't help but wonder if this is the start of an early Spring and that I am seriously behind in my Spring knitting!

I've had a few projects on the to-do list and they are still not done, but I couldn't help it, I've started seriously thinking about what to cast on as soon as my weekend is over.   This morning, I really gave thought to as whether or not I needed a coat at all on my way to work.  Sometimes, a sure fire way to put an end to unseasonably warm weather, is to start putting away some of the wool blazers and mittens.  But, for the sake of all of us in Central IL, I am not going to do that quite yet.  Just as last night, I didn't have the gal doing my pedicure put any polish on yet (another one I took for the team).

But, have no fear, eventually it will really be Spring (March 20th), so how about we  start planning our Spring knits.  These are the Pantone colors for Spring 2016.  See any you like?

 Those who know me well, will know that Limpet Shell is really my fave, but looking at these colors, I am a bit partial to both Peach Echo and Fiesta, I get compliments when I wear these colors.  And I have always loved light pink, even though, back in the day when I had my colors done, the pastels were off my go to list of colors.

Next up for  Spring sweater planning,  check my stash and see what I have available to knit or if shopping is required.  That would be sad if I had to do that, now wouldn't it.  And of course, I'll need to check the trends of new patterns coming out to see what is hot in knitting and the catalogs of ready- to- wear I get to see if there is something Knit Knock Off Worthy.

Back in the day when I sewed all my own clothes and worked in an upscale fabric shop, we spent a lot of time perusing W and Vogue magazines and the pattern catalogs to scope out the latest fashions that we could reproduce.  I have to admit, I liked that part of the job the most, I could vision the fabrics, the pattern, the buttons, the sewing and the completed project on my body.  It wasn't necessarily the sewing I liked but the whole vision.

Thank goodness, some of that is still true, but I like the knitting equal to the planning of the project.  And with the warm weather at least for now, I'm ready to start my Spring planning.  Are you?

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